Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spoke Beads

We all remember the colourful beads you could embellish your bicycle spokes with. The tink tink sound as you sped up and down the street or went on lengthy bicycle rides around the block. I have recently purchased tons of them and for a minimum donation of $10, you can get your name written on a spoke bead and become part of my ride to conquer cancer. Just follow the link at the bottom of this post! Your name will show up as the name used on the sponsor roll on the RTCC website unless you otherwise specify. Canadian Saver, Over the Cubicle Wall and Northern Living Allowance all generously helped me out and as a token of my appreciation, please note on the pictures below, your spoke beads. Thanks again guys!

(I wanted to showcase your name in entirety on the spoke bead, hence three pics)

I am participating in The Ride to Conquer Cancer. If you would like to sponsor me, click here


Canadian Saver said...

Oh I love these!!! Thank you for making mine pink :-)

Northern Living Allowance said...

Aw! Yellow - how pretty! Thanks for sharing :) I'm just glad to be able to help!

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Why'd I get stuck with the green one???

Kidding...I like green, and Thanks!