Monday, January 10, 2011

Do you have less than a minute?

The Alberta Cancer Foundation needs your help to win $100k from Pepsi (and just so we are clear, I still don't like Pepsi, but I can't help who runs these programs).

They (the Alberta Cancer Foundation) host the "World's Longest Hockey Game" to raise money for cancer research and equipment. Their goal this year is to raise $1 million for new equipment that can aid in administering radiation therapies to cancer patients.

For 10 days straight, 40 men will lace up and play in shifts for a 240+ hour hockey game, braving the prairie winter elements in the hopes to raise the money needed. The Alberta Cancer Foundation would like the $100k from Pepsi to help with the building of the rink, the food on sight, and equipment for the players.

It takes less than 1 minute to vote and you could help the people that cancer affects every day. In Alberta alone, they estimate that 16000 people will be diagnosed with cancer this year. What's one less minute of your facebooking time?

Go here to vote. And remember that you can vote once a day :)