Saturday, January 29, 2011

Feel Free to Judge...

... I have been watching a marathon of 16 and Pregnant to fully understand the new cast of Teen Mom 2. And I have kind of turned it into a drinking game. As trash-tastic as this show is, I also find myself tearing up in quite a few of the episodes.

And so far, my d-bag of the season awards go to:
Josh (Season 2, episode 2) - this dude would break up with his prego g-friend so he could date some other girl and then go back to prego g-friend. He stands Nikkole up after the homecoming dance. And while she is in labour, he complains she is taking up too much of the hospital bed and gets into a fight with her mom while Nikkole whimpers between labour pains, pleading for him to stop it. This kid deserves to be punched in the face.

Adam (Season 2, episode 4)- this kid gets mad when his gf actually has a life. He tells her dad he is going to be there for her, but then decides his car is more important than his little girl. He is also super charming when he sends a text message to Chelsea telling her she is a bad mom for going to a football game with her friends, and that he wants to sign away his mistake. The worst part is that in Teen Mom 2, she is in the process of taking him back! I feel she should re-watch her episode of 16 and Pregnant, Clockwork Orange style.

Alex (Season 2, episode 12)- he spent money on new Nikes while the baby still didn't have a stroller. Priorities boys! Plus, he told his friends that living with a girl sucks. Word of advise? Don't knock her up if you don't plan on a life long commitment, even if you're not together you will still have a little being connecting you.

I have been sort of jumping from episode to episode, not really watching anything in order (thanks for just having this online!) and when I watched Ashley's episode where her aunt and uncle adopt her baby, I cried and cried as she became more and more depressed about her decision. Then I found her blog online (thanks Twitter!) and even though its been over a year, she is still very sad and unsure about her decision.

I need to find a nice white-trash episode to make me feel better -- or maybe some Jersey Shore.

Also, I will most likely update my douche bag list. The night is young.

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