Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lyrical Lattes

Dolly posted this video on her blog so if you follow her, you most likely have already listened. Thanks Dolly for sharing this with me! And now, I share it with you all.

When I first listened to this song, it sent chills down my spine. I have always been drawn to this kind of sound in music...sort of dark, etheral, melodic type stuff (hence my love affair with Massive Attack, Portishead and Bat for Lashes). I listen to this song on repeat and the lyrics, albeit sad, make me feel stronger. It's like a beautiful disaster. Without the heart break, the poetry couldn't exist.

And one of the things I love to remind myself of when I am having a pity party for one, is that most great art (whatever the medium may be) is the result of heart break. And this song reminds me that sometimes love is not about being safe. You have to take a risk (which could lead to heart break) if you want to truly feel love. It's scary.

If you know any other musicians that have a similar sound, let me know. I love discovering new music (which is why I heart grooveshark!).


NATALIE said...

That's really beautiful.

I saw Portishead in concert a few years ago and it was the most spell-binding gig I had ever been to. A huge full venue and everyone stood silent, captivated.

So true, what you said about great art . . .

Laura said...

That must have been a surreal concert experience. Just thinking about it gives me shivers!

Dolly Iris said...

I heart this song