Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuned In Tuesday

I have been Shazam-ing like crazy it seems the last few days. So many songs on the radio, the television and video games are capturing my aural attention.

1)City and Colour The Grand Optimist This is an older song that I crank on the radio and sing along to every time it comes on. I often think of myself as an optimist, but I worry way too much about things I should do, bills to pay, regrets I have. I guess I take after my mother.

2)The Pack A.D Take Another song that I crank when it comes on the radio. I love the bass, I love the sound of the vocals, and I enjoy that the contradiction of angry lyrics with a pop-sound. And am I the only one who wishes this could have been on my "love sucks" mix CD years ago?

3)Finally, Rainman has purchased NHL 2013 which means I get a new soundtrack for another year peppered with hockey cursing and cheering when goals are scored. The Hives are on this year's version and I want more is one of my favorite tunes that comes on in between challenged games while I drink expensive wine and enjoy a (moment's) peace of mind. 


Rick said...

Rainman and I would get along great. I love playing NHL video games. I have all of them besides NHL 13. Coming soon lol

Laura said...

Oh yeah! You commented on my blog :) When you get NHL 2013, let me know and I will send you Rainman's online ID so you can play against each other! :)