Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wednesday Wedding-ness Day!

Last week sometime I found on pinterest a birdcage that had been decorated with feathers to collect cards to sit on your gift table. I love the idea of bringing birdcages into my wedding and have some ideas of how I can utilize multiple cages with metallic spray paint for decor.

I was meeting a friend of mine for drinks the following Friday and she sent me a text stating that she had a birdcage for me! And she would bring it to the pub with her. I laughed and told her that if anyone asked why we were drinking with said birdcage it was because we were mourning the loss of our pet finch. And then we would take a shot in its honour. Which she replied with a "lol" insinuating she was on the same page.

Much to my surprise, this birdcage she brought me was in a small shopping bag. When I peeked inside I found not a birdcage, but a birdcage. I forgot that I had also pinned something similar to wear instead of a veil. It's super beautiful and with one or two peacock feathers, I think it's going to be perfect. I guess my friend has a friend who makes hats and created this, but my friend ended up not using it, and thought I would give it a great home.

I'm very happy to be blessed with so many awesome people in my life.

Even if we didn't get to drink shots to our empty birdcage while remembering why the caged bird sings.

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