Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wednesday Wedding-ness Day

So we have decided on a date and potential venues. And a theme. Yay!

We also have our wedding party picked out and have asked each member to stand with us on our day.

Not going to lie, it feels so nice to have some direction on this project. And it was super fun sitting over drinks with Rainman brainstorming ideas. I look forward to more of those sessions as we really hash out how we want our day to be exactly.

We are going with a peacock theme. And upon further research, I discovered that peacocks in art represent eternal life, renewal and resurrection. The peacock is also a symbol of protection and enlightenment which I am hoping our marriage will provide both of us.

Plus the jewel tones, the touches of metallic and the pop of lime green (I think) will be really beautiful.

Feel free to send me peacock influenced ideas! Can be anything from colour combinations to decorations to subtle hints. And feel free to check out my One Day...Soon! Board on pinterest :)


Northern Living Allowance said...

The colours are gorgeous. I was going to suggest peacock feathers in the bouquet, but I see that - ahem - they're already in the photo...I had no idea the peacock had such beautiful symbolism. You are going to have the best. wedding. EVER. x

Laura said...

Yes...that picture was the inspiration for my entire theme :) And thank you :)

unabashedlyashley said...

I spent way to long drooling over your pininterest. Makes me want to join. I love so many of your wedding ideas. Its going to be amazing day. I like the same colors for my wedding but with grey included.
What size wedding are you considering?

Laura said...

Rainman would like to keep the wedding under 100...which may be more difficult for me as I enjoy having a close social network plus family.