Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Snipets

  • We moved! And almost every box is unpacked with everything having a place to call home. And we combined our two houses into one with no feelings hurt over who got to keep what and where. I love our little town home and feel very much like I have always been here. And my cat and dog have accepted Rainman's cat. If only she would give them a chance, I am sure they could be wonderful accomplices in getting into trouble.
  • It's the beginning of a new month and my favorite time of year -- fall fashion, cooler air to run in (any time of day I wish), being the recipient of freshly canned awesomeness! yay!
  • With the new month, Rainman and I are going to start working out a budget. We have the wedding to pay for and we are in a great place right now where our rental costs have decreased in half. I feel really confident that we can pay for this wedding without going into debt.
  • That said, thinking about planning this event overwhelms me a bit. I find myself on pinterest looking for something to inspire the entire theme and getting really worried that it won't be a beautiful affair. Then I look at shoes and feel much better. I am seriously considering some sort of shoe theme for my wedding. And kind of like the idea of varying shades of grey. But not 50 shades...get your mind out of the gutter!
  • Rainman's dad was here last weekend, when he left he gave me a hug and said he was happy to have me on board. After watching a few episodes of Monster-in-law, I am thrilled to have mine. Rainman adores my parents the same way they adore him, so I think we will be okay in that department.
  • I go back to work on Tuesday after a busy week off. Being a team player of pranks on other office mates, I am a little bit worried about what I may have in store for me.
  • I went to a Burlesque show last Friday. It wasn't what I was expecting at fact, it seemed way to close to what I would watch at the peelers. Which was disappointing -- because I really wanted it to be like Burlesque the movie. There wasn't any singing or lip synching, just a bunch of women in various shapes and sizes stripping down to their panties and pasties.
  • I had a really wonderful summer. Totally looking forward to a lot of awesome in the next 4 months to wrap up 2012.

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