Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Good Karma Present Arrived :)

So, as I previously mentioned, I participated in Kaileen Elise's Good Karma Gift Swap. Suzy at 30 before 30 List sent me an amazing Karma Gift.

Let's look at what Suzy sent me, shall we?
A beautiful butterfly day planner with post it notes and blank calender pages so I can keep organized
A cake cook book! I am so excited to use this...I may even try a recipe tonight!
An air freshener that smells like fresh cut grass...bring on summer smells into my house :)
And two mini bottles of rye for celebration!

This gift arrived the day before my birthday which makes it even more exciting. I am seriously going to make one of the cakes to share at work tomorrow. And maybe even crack open some rye while I am doing it.

Thank you so very much Suzy for an amazing present! I wish there were gift swaps every month. Picking out my present for CityGirl was so much fun and receiving a present from Suzy was even more fun! Thank you Kaileen Elise for organizing this amazing activity.

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Suz said...

So glad you liked it! And I'm glad it got there. I was a little worried because it was the first time I had ever shipped at package to Canada!

Janine said...

She did good!! Isn't mail great?