Monday, March 22, 2010

A Sunday Morning Bike Ride

The 5 other girls that are on my team for The Ride and I got together yesterday for a bike ride around the reservoir. I am very lucky and there are many park pathways (I think you can ride your bike from one end of the city to the other using a pathway system) in Calgary. And although yesterday was slightly over cast, it was around 10 degrees, so perfect biking weather. The Pathway is just under 20 km if you do the full loop (which we did). There was one scary part where the snow and ice hadn't melted yet and it was at the bottom of a steep hill. We walked our bikes over that part as did many of the people using the pathway. I am a little bit sore today, but still managed to put myself on the stationary bicycle at the gym over my lunch break. I am looking forward to more Sunday rides.

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Over the Cubicle Wall said...

I have been pining for the warm weather so I could get back on my bike. It looks (feels?) like it is finally here. Unfortunately I have to dodge all kinds of traffic for the most part.

Enjoy your rides!