Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What I am Reading Wednesday

So, I am still reading Committed. And I actually think this book was just another excuse for Elizabeth Gilbert to travel around the world (mostly East Asia) for another year and how coincidental it's because she is waiting to see if she can get married.

How to write an Elizabeth Gilbert Memoir
1. have a situation where life is "soooo unfair" because you don't like the rules
2. have the ability to pack up and jet set somewhere to deal with the issue instead of head on, at home
3. write a book about it

This is a totally unfair report I know. I just find that Elizabeth does a lot of whining about her life and I do too except no one is paying for me to jet around the world writing about it. One could say I am jealous. That person is right.

Right now she has been spying on monks. Young monk boys to be exact and "accidentally" read (over his shoulder) a love letter and is now hypothesizing about a monk's love life. How come in this year of figuring out marriage, she isn't just basking in her own love life? Writing her own love letters to Felipe? She is trying to figure out how they are going to get married, but I barely hear about the guy.

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Northern Living Allowance said...

Hmm! Interesting...I have this book on my shelf and was pleased to find it when I bought it. Now I'm curious to see if I have the same reaction as you.

Thanks for the insight!