Friday, March 26, 2010

Wasting Time in the Waiting Line

I am in Edmonton for work again. I actually came up on Wednesday and I am leaving today after my shift at the Home and Garden show. Yesterday I picked up these tea bag things that you put in your house plants and they are supposed to deposit nutrients or something. It was free schwag so I took them. Yesterday was also opening night, so it was really quiet at the show, today is Mommy day so I am guessing lots of little kids will be in attendance too.

I am just sitting in my hotel room right now. Check out is 11 and I don't have to be at work till noon. May as well chill here. And looking out the window I am watching the snow fall with dread. I really don't want to drive on the highway in snowy conditions to get back to Calgary.

My bridesmaid dress arrived and I picked it up at the UPS depot on my way out of town on Wednesday. I was really worried it wasn't going to fit and be too small. BUT, thankfully, it fits perfectly. I may have to get the chest taken in a little bit, but I am in the biggest loser contest at work and have been working out every day for the last couple of weeks. I may wait till the middle or late April to see if it needs to be taken in anywhere else. I also bought shoes for the wedding yesterday too. Now all I need is jewellery and I am good to go.

Also, my status on facebook this week was about whoever helped me reach my March fundraising goal for The Ride to Conquer Cancer won a prize. Canadian Saver at Saving for Later sponsored me and was the one that helped me reach (and exceed) my goal (even though she had no idea that my status was promoting a prize). I sent her something yesterday in the mail.

Tomorrow I am volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society's Daffodil Days selling daffodils in the mall. It's one of my favorite volunteer jobs. Then Chuckles is taking me to a wine tasting at the liquor store.

This snow is really coming down. *sigh* I wish sunny spring weather would stay here already.

I am participating in The Ride to Conquer Cancer. If you would like to sponsor me, click here

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