Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dexter Season 5

*** Warning, this is going to contain spoilers****

I finished watching season five this afternoon. And I feel like Dexter is getting sloppier and sloppier. For example, he is at the scene of one murder, steals a car and crashes it at the scene of another. The police should see that as highly suspicious, no?

Also, Jordan Chase's motive for being the ringleader and instigator is never really explained. I get that he gets off on telling people what to do, but I don't understand how this equated to controlling a group of four men in the rape of a did it all start? what clicked in his head and when? And being as Jordan was originally a fat kid who seemed friendless with no charisma, why would the other kids listen to him to begin with?

I thought I would miss Rita more. But I don't. And all of my theories from the season 4 ending didn't pan out. And will the FBI continuously probe the Kyle Butler angle -- that seemed to be dropped pretty quick and Dexter was not at all concerned. Which one would think he would be. Also, everyone all season recognized Dexter as the guy who's wife was killed by the Trinity killer. Wouldn't Trinity's family have read or heard about this and recognized Dexter as Kyle Butler?

Finally, as much as I read that I would hate Julia Stiles added to the cast, I actually loved her and was sad when she left. And I have developed a secret crush on Joseph Quinn. Don't let Peter Petrelli know.

Did you watch Season 5? Thoughts??

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Dolly Iris said...

I purposely did not read this just in case I later want to become a Dexter fan.
The only series I own in Sex and the City which I love. I really want House though. LOVE House!