Wednesday, December 15, 2010


After much contemplation and careful consideration, I have decided not to privatize my blog. I don't really write anything here that is mean or harmful. And I am not really a gossip monger using my blog to discuss the ins and outs of others' lives.

I write about me here. My thoughts, my feelings, my day-to-day adventures, my goals and my dreams. And there are many reasons I write here. One of them is to foster and cultivate my writing - a hobby I have always loved. Another reason is because maybe someone out there is living a mirrored life to mine and needs to know that he or she is not alone. I know I have counted on the Internet to assure me that there are others just like me and in the same space as me. It's only fair that I reciprocate.

I guess it comes down that if you want to lurk and quietly read, then you have my permission. I would be even more ecstatic, after you are finished reading these little pieces of the Internet that I contribute to, if you commented and shared your ideas and thoughts too.

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Jane said...

I'm glad that you won't be making the blog private. I can't read private blogs in my feed reader, which is the only place I get a chance to read blogs most of the time. Selfish, I know. :)