Monday, January 16, 2012

Blue Monday

Calgary has been hit with its first real cold snap of winter. Because we have been so spoiled all season, we are being extremely whiny about it. What would humans do without weather to complain about though, right? The cold drive us all indoors and we hibernate and isolate ourselves within insulation. Apparently today is the most depressing day of the year (taking into calculation the weather, the lack of motivation, debt, time since Christmas and time since failing your New Years Resolution). This of course was a science commissioned by a company for advertising purposes, but one could see the affects that winter is having on those around them and understand why the need to create a calculation would come about.

This past weekend I was reading an article about SAD, season affective disorder, and how it appears to affect many people living in Northern North America (i.e. Canada). I do not suffer from SAD luckily, but I wondered if this had to do with hibernating when it's cold out. I know that I have often left my office on cold winter evenings to rush home and the idea of leaving the warmth of my house, even to get groceries, is not appealing. Even now, thinking about walking to my car and waiting for it to warm up sends shivers down my spine.

I am trying to fill my head with a lot of warm thoughts today: memories of Jamaica, the soup Jason and I made on Saturday night, jalapeno peppers, cozying up under a blanket to read, fireplaces, hot chocolate, bubble baths, etc. etc.

I don't normally mind a bit of winter. I enjoy lacing up my skates to shoot the puck around at the community rink. I love the feeling of the wind hitting my face as I zoom down a hill on either a snowboard or a sled. I revel in the solitude,holding Jason's hand while walking the dog after a fresh snowfall. The perfect temperature for this would be around -10 degrees Celcius (at the least), not this -25 plus wind chill we are suffering with right now.

I know it's only for a week. And it sure doesn't help having a cold snap hit on the most "depressing" day of the year. All I wanted was to stay in bed, but I sucked it up and will get through this. Saturday's balmy -8 can not come fast enough.

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Miss T @ Prairie Eco-Thrifter said...

I don't have SAD persay but I do notice my energy changes when I don't get the sun for a few days. I try to get fresh air in the winter which helps but it doesn't quite cut it like the sun does. I have been using an LED light for the last year or so which seems to help a bit on the cloudy days.