Monday, January 9, 2012

“A first rate soup is better than a second rate painting” Abraham Maslow

I found out something pretty spectacular today -- January is National Soup Month!

And with my recent obsession of watching the Food Network for hours upon hours gathering inspiration to indulge my creativity in the kitchen, this is definitely a fabulous discovery.

You can create so many different kinds of soup. Throw any vegetable in a pot of water, add some meat, spice it up, let it simmer for as little as an hour or all day and VOILA! You have a full meal deal with out any of the bi-products offered at your local (and favorite) fast food joint.

You can make ginormous pots of soup on lazy Sundays, serving it out into perfection portions ready to freeze down and enjoy on more hectic days. You can use up all of those leftovers in your fridge that are on the brink of expiry, feeling better that your hard earned grocery money did not go to waste. You can wow dinner guests by whipping up a creamy alternative to salad to serve as an appetizer. And nothing is better for a cold January day than the smell of a simmering soup steaming up windows and warming up your soul.

In honour of National Soup Month, I have decided that I will celebrate with the creation of a few different soups this weekend to fill my freezer. This of course means I should probably also bake bread and buns, because nothing goes better with soup than a buttered bun to dip into the broth.

Inspire me: What is your favorite kind of soup? And if you feel so inclined, share your recipe :)

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