Thursday, January 12, 2012

The First Half

It's the second week of January and I am slowly filling my time for 2012.

I have agreed to sit on a committee to organize a brunch to help raise money for breast cancer.

I am sitting on a committee at work that focuses on building networks and mentor-ships among women.

I am still working with a group organizing a monthly weekend breakfast for the people that are staying at Ronald McDonald house.

I signed up for a writers' workshop in February at the Library that has a full day of lectures covering anywhere from researching historical facts, to editing and publishing.

I am dedicating myself to completing a 10k run April 1 and a half-marathon May 26.

And of course, slowly completing those goals on my 30 before 30.

It's the second week of the year. I am super excited at all of the things I am going to complete, be a part of and create more opportunities with.

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Northern Living Allowance said...

Look at you! That's terrific progess for being only two weeks into the year. I'm excited for you and I'm looking forward to hearing about all your successes! :)