Monday, January 2, 2012

This is the year....

...that I write more and share my writing with others through workshops and meet up groups

...that I develop my career in a more focused direction

...that I create a deeper connection with my boyfriend, a connection that showcases we are in this together

...that I let go of my 20s and create a stronger foundation for the woman I want to be in my 30s

...that I give 100 hours of my life to various organizations around the city

...that I surround myself with a network of like minded individuals

...that I choose to nurture my body and soul

...that I detoxify the negativity I have carried

This is the year.


Canadian Saver said...

Happy New Year :-) Sounds like you're going to make it a great one!

Laura said...

Fingers crossed! I have a really good feeling :) Happy new year to you as well, read your goals and looks like you have great plans for this year as well.