Thursday, January 19, 2012

Red Shoe Diary

Do you remember the show with Fox Mulder before he was Fox Mulder? Where he discovered his wife had an affair on him, devastating him and turning his world upside down? And the only thing he could do to work through the pain was to take out an ad in the local paper asking for stories about other adulterous relationships? Ahhh Showcase (Showtime in America) had some real gems.

Yesterday marked the launch of The 2012 Red Pump Project, an initiative to bring awareness to the impact that AIDS and HIV have on women and girls. On March 10, 2012 (a very special date in my world p.s.), they want you to rock your red pumps, showing your support for the cause. That's right! A movement for charity that involves shoes on MY BIRTHDAY means 100% I will be rocking my red pumps (possibly a reason to buy anew pair??)!

I have a lot of girl friends that love the shoes. This could be why we are friends or it could because most girls love the shoes. I have a lot of guy friends that love shoes too. And I don't think it has to red pumps only, feel free to proudly march in your red sneakers, your red loafers, your red rain boots. Let's make sure that every one knows that red is the new black!

Whatever you choose to wear that day, can you do me a favor? Snap a picture and send it to me via twitter (@lowqis) and hashtag with #redshoediary so I can create a Red Shoe Diary of my own and live vicariously through all of your red pride.

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