Sunday, January 1, 2012

365 Days of Gratitude- January

1/1/12:I am thankful to be starting the new year with a man who loves me the way I am
1/2/12:I am thankful for the ability to read. An ability many take for granted and that allows me more daily opportunities
1/3/12: I am thankful to work with awesome people. Missed them during winter break
1/4/12:I am thankful for healthy food to fuel my body and mind
1/5/12: Sunroof open in January
1/6/12: Lunch date with my boyfriend
1/7/12: Seeing old friends as we celebrate the upcoming arrival of their new baby
1/8/12: Food Network Marathons
1/9/12: Naps
1/10/12: Whoever invented dog boots
1/11/12: Winning tickets to a play
1/12/12: date nights
1/13/12: My bff and his wife had a healthy baby boy!
1/14/12: Having a phone conversation with kerker! I miss my b'y!!!
1/15/12: Staying in bed till noon
1/16/12: Evening cups of tea and moments of contemplation
1/17/12:Unconditional love from four legged snugglers
1/18/12: Lots of warm, cute and cozy sweaters on sale. Perfect for this weather
1/19/12:Having my bf cheer me up after some disappointments.
1/20/12:Friday night movie nights
1/21/12:Passing the puck back and forth with my bf was awesome. Thankful for deep freezes creating outdoor rinks.
1/22/12: Chinooks
1/23/12:Thankful that my name was suggested to attend the young professionals luncheon with the premier
1/24/12:A roof over my head and food in my cupboards

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Gracelyn said...

I love your new blog! The look and feel of it is uplifting. 365 Days of Gratitude is a great idea! Can't wait to visit again and see what you've added.