Saturday, December 19, 2009

Car Ride

I took a couple "road trips" this year, although many were just day trips around Alberta. My favorite car rides of 2009 include a day trip to Drumheller for a picnic with raptors and a T-Rex, a weekend trip to Sparwood for Adam's cousin's high school graduation party, and the week trip to North Battleford for the Halloween wedding of the year. All three trips were with Adam and I liked being his co-pilot. I hope in 2010 we can go on a few more trips together...I hope for a lot of things to work out better in 2010.

The trip to Drumheller was a blast because we went to the museum and looked at dinosaur bones. I also bought some triops which are kind of like sea monkeys but grow way bigger. Unfortunately, my triops only lasted a couple of weeks. They died from shock when I changed the water in their tank. The trip to Sparwood enabled me to meet Adam's nan who is super sweet. I also tried Fish and Brews which is like a cod and bread stew seasoned with copious amounts of salt. And the Halloween wedding was an amazing time. I think all weddings should be costume parties now.

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