Sunday, December 27, 2009

Social Web Moment

The social web moment of 2009 was getting my dad (hooked) on facebook. He thought it wasn't something he would use or enjoy. After I showed him how to find old friends using his high school graduating year, as well as how handy it is for keeping in touch with his 5 kids and 5 or so grand kids and utilizing the website to find family members from all over the world, he fell in love with social media. That was really cool for teach my dad something after so many years of learning stuff from him. Sure he is my go-to guy when I need something fixed or built, but now he has a go-to girl when he has questions about uploading albums, finding people, or posting links. Its a nice feeling to give back to your parents.

And just for fun, here is a picture of my dad and I in Latvia in 2008:

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Canadian Saver said...

That must have been fun, setting him up and seeing his reaction to everything that's available to him on Facebook!

I love the picture of you both on your trip!