Friday, December 25, 2009


There were so many gifts today of things I wanted and didn't even know that I wanted or needed them. My mom had read my blog entry about my intention to drink more tea in 2010 and put together a tea gift for me with about 12 different kinds of loose leaf tea, a tea infuser mug set, a timer and other tea gadgets. She also picked me up a food processor after my blender started smoking from the 12 days of cookies.

I look back over the year and think about gifts I have received -- the helicopter tour of NYC from my parents for my birthday, my CD alarm clock from Adam for my birthday, the beautiful necklace from Chuckles picked up on her adventure in the Dominican, the necklace from J for being her bridesmaid. I have some fantastic friends and family that truly know who I am.

Adam bought me a triop aquarium for Christmas! I am excited to set this up and hopefully my little swamp monsters will last longer than a couple of weeks. Adam also bought me a new camera. I intend to learn all of this cameras functions and document 2010 in the best way possible.

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Janine said...

ooooooohhhhhh, another photographer on our hands. Excellent!