Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Web Tool

Today's prompt is the best web tool of 2009. Something that came into my life this year and made my online experience simpler or easier. I can't really think of a single thing. One might say Tweetdeck, a tool every presenter who provided a seminar about social media that I had to attend for work recommended the participants set up. BUT although it's nice to have all the status updates of facebook and twitter in one place, I still receive the same information by actually going to the sites. And being as I do other things when I am on the sites (for example, get lost in the maze of facebook or see what topic is being trend tweeted), Tweetdeck only just really let me know instantly when people were updating.

I can't really say there was an outstanding web tool this year. I did upgrade to a blackberry that is linked to my email and facebook so that now I am constantly receiving updates all day long. That's pretty awesome for a girl like me who likes to stay "connected" or update my status every time something strikes my fancy...

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