Monday, December 14, 2009

Greatest Rush

This was an interesting question and I thought about how I didn't bungee jump, sky dive or even go on a roller coaster in 2009 (well actually I went on many rides this year at the Stampede, but even though there were moments of "free falling," I wouldn't consider the moments the greatest rush(es) of 2009).

After brainstorming about this, I kept thinking about how I felt when we made the offer on the house in June. Signing a piece of paper that could change my world, give me ownership, and provide some stability was nerve-racking, exciting, stressful and every other emotion one could experience. Being told that we couldn't qualify for financing after all was the drop from the high in those emotions that made life seem harsh and unfair again.

I do not regret attempting to buy that house. The learning experience was needed. And I keep telling myself that as much as I loved the layout, the community, the dreams that came with ideas of summer bar-b-ques and winter movie nights, we didn't qualify because something better is waiting for me at the right moment. Sometimes,I do get a little bit sad thinking that we would have been moving in right about now. I just have to keep my head up and not think about the what ifs.

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