Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Start Up

I am sure it won't be much of a surprise to many readers of my blog that I think the best start up of 2009 is GirlTalk Events. I think its important for women to make connections with one another, as well as I know how difficult it can be to make friends to have those connections with. GirlTalk offers an avenue where events are offered for women to come out, have fun, meet new people and hopefully find solid ground to create friendships. I have met so many women through this group that are each so different, yet speak to so many sides of my personality. And I love working as a host for this group. I strive hard to make new girls feel comfortable and included so that they will come out again and again. The more you try something, the easier it gets to talk with familiar faces. And look at all of the fun we have had!

If you are in the Calgary area, want to have fun, are a woman over 18 and open to meeting new people, check us out! If you are not in the Calgary area, utilize google and try to find something like this where you live. Or start your own group. Make 2010 the year you find your group of friends for shopping, brunching, and connecting.

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