Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Rainman and I were discussing one day awhile ago about when our anniversary should be.

The thing with our relationship is that there was no set point or discussion where we stated that we were officially a couple. And so we looked back and pulled a date out of thin air (not really thin air-- it happens to be the date he came out to Blairmore and watched the fireworks with me when we first began to hang out and I knew he was something special. It took another 9 or so months before we started dating). Today is our "anniversary" of being a couple. 

It's been an amazing ride so far. I can honestly say that being with Rainman has changed my life in so many positive ways. He is so caring and does all of these little things to remind me that I am special. From cooking dinner together,  bike rides, photo shoots,  walking the dog, road trips, board games, movie nights, poutine crawls, pranks, picnics, Costco dates, rock hunting, dance parties,  etc. etc. etc. our life together is full of fun, laughter and lots of love.

I am so unbelievably blessed to have Rainman in my life. All of the heartbreak and sadness and struggle from before is what prepared me for this relationship -- prepared to jump in with both feet, ready to leap any hurdles that may come in our path.

Happy anniversary my darling. Here is to 60 more years together.



unabashedlyashley said...

I remember a few years back when you were always nursing a broken heart. So much has changed since then and I am so happy for you. I love seeing your Rainman posts. Fills me with fluffy bunnies and butterflies.
Dear Rainman
Thank for being so awesomesauce to my friend Arual!

Laura said...

So true Dolly. I can't believe I spent so many years nursing that cracked heart when now it feels so full of happiness. :) Things do happen for a reason (I hate when older people are right) ;-)