Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Morning

  • We went to The Ranche for brunch this morning. It was beautiful out so we opted to sit on the veranda. Sipping coffee, surrounded by flowers across from Rainman is my idea of bliss. We even decided in the new place we are going to put a little bistro set on our balcony and make it a Weekend thing to enjoy our coffee together out there.
  •  There was also a wedding taking place at the restaurant. For the supposed happiest day of her life, the bride didn't seem very pleased. Her husband, on the other hand, couldn't quit crying. Such a lovely day for a wedding and in such a beautiful spot --right in the heart of Fish Creek park. Witnessing their union sparked the topic of conversation between Rainman and I, and we talked about the various venues we could wed in. 
  • Yesterday at the mall, he had a jeweler measure my finger for him. Knowing its going to happen, but not knowing when is really exciting. And having Rainman check out my One Day board on Pinterest with interest offering his thoughts without fear is amazing. He plans on making me a MRS!!! Eek! :) 
  • Just a few more weeks till we move. It's wonderful how everything is falling into place. I want to say I have never been happier, but every day something happens that increases my elation. To the girl I once was that was willing (and ready) to settle? Thank you for being strong enough to get through all of that pain. 

 We had such a fabulous weekend. How was yours?


unabashedlyashley said...


If I was there right now we would jump up and down and squeel like 13yr olds.

Laura said...

Right??? You should see the stupid smile I get on my face every time I think of it (which is a lot).

She-Ra said...

I am so excited for you!!!! And ps - I love the bistro idea.

Laura said...

You'll have to come for a coffee She-ra! I'll load you up with allergy medicine before hand cause now we will have 2 cats! ;-)

She-Ra said...

Yes please! haha sounds good :)