Monday, July 9, 2012

putting the Me in Meme - part 6

101. Name 4 things you always have with you. my phone, my ID, my bank card, lip gloss

 102. How many SERIOUS exes do you have? 3

 103. What causes you to you admire people? When they selflessly give back to society because they want to be the change they wish to see in the world.

 104. Do you like sports? Yes. Playing more than watching, but feel inspired by watching athletes who are amazing at their craft.

 105. Would you have sex after marriage? Why or why not? Too late for this question! And its because its a personal choice that isn't about a piece of paper, but the maturity you have and how you will handle any of the consequences that could come from it.

 106. What is your favorite male name? Jasyk - I believe it's Polish. my brother's friend's name and I have adored it ever since. Also a fan of Jaxon. This may explain why I am dating a Jason.

 107. Do animals go to Heaven? Why not? It's your heaven, do you want animals there?

 108. Last time you had a great time with your dad? We went out to his place a couple of week's ago. We all sat around the fire and had some great laughs.

 109. What is your favorite hair style? That wavy look of beach hair.

 110. Do you like your name? Yes. I think it's very pretty.

 111. When was the last time that you quit your job? 5 years ago.

 112. When you wake up, what is the first thing you think? I think about what i am going to wear that day, what my plans are and what happened on Twitter to catch up on world news.

 113. Have you ever pulled an all-niter? Sure have.

 114. What is the perfect day for you? Wake up and enjoy coffee and breakfast on my garden patio while reading. Meet some girlfriends for lunch and check out a gallery/art exhibit in the afternoon. Some shoe shopping and then meet my husband for a leisurely dinner and drinks on our balcony, watching the sunset. 

115. Last time you cleaned the bathroom? last week.

 116. Have you ever failed a grade? Why? no. I have failed courses in college though. mostly because I slacked off and made unimportant things priorities.

 117. Have you met anyone online? Lots of people.

 118. Have you ever smoked? yes.

 119. Do you like celebrities? I am thankful for the entertainment they provide in movies and music. But I don't really know a celebrity to say if I liked one or not. I am sure most are fantastic people

 120. Do you like traveling? I love travelling. I wish I could spend a year travelling.

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