Monday, July 9, 2012

Putting the Me in Meme - part 4

61. Ocean or pool? The ocean. I like the way the waves rock me, I don't mind the idea of swimming alongside wild things or with seaweed, and I find it much more calming than the pool. That said, beggers can't be choosers and I'll settle for a pool too.

 62. Fridays or Ruby Tuesdays? I have never eaten at either of these establishments.

 63. Did you want to go to college? yes. and I don't seem to want to leave it either.

 64. What did you last time at a mall? I feel like a word is missing. I will assume do and the answer is, helped Rainman pick out a new camera bag for his camera. It appears I am dating a photographer. This one likes to take my picture :)

 65. Which close friend have you known the longest? Dan Parker. We have been friends since the 5th grade, 20 years ago.

 66. Why do you like the music you do? I am pretty open to music and don't like any particluar sound. I like things that are fresh as well as classics. I enjoy opera while driving and death metal while cleaning. I once wanted to be a gangsta rapper, but growing up in upper middle class suburbia took away some of my raw angst (still appreciate it though!). Neil Young is a favorite and so is Madonna. I can enjoy bubble gum pop while on my way to a blues jam. I think its all pretty rad.

 67. Do you read much? There is no such thing as reading too much. Grow your mind and kill your tv.

 68. Favorite country? I think my country (Canada) is pretty amazing. There's no place like home.

 69. What is something you wish you were better at? Speaking up with confidence when I have ideas in brainstorming sessions and not worrying that others will think I am silly or stupid.

 70. What’s your favorite album/CD? Dr. Dre's 2001. I know every word to this album and 10 years later, still blast it! 

71. What's a good dinner order? Anything "Mexican" is pretty awesome -tacos, nachos, fajitas

 72. Planes or boats? If I absolutely had to choose, boats. I am not a fan of confinement, but get through plane rides via imagining the place i am going to. I absolutely love being on a boat, feeling the wind whip my hair around, the smell of water, the rocking motion as you hit the waves (and I love that boat people wave to each other!)

 73. One rumor that’s been spread about you: I have no idea. I don't really pay attention to rumours and the people I have as friends wouldn't spread rumours about me. Someone who once stalked my blog told Rainman I was a crazy psycho...but, meh! He knew I wasn't and that person isn't really around anymore.

 74. Who is your newest friend? I have no idea...

 75. Have you ever sat on a rooftop? Yes. Rooftop patios, the old roof of my dad's shed to read, the roof of a high rise downtown to look at the stars with my friends.

 76. Was your last text useful? Not really. Mindless chatter with Rainman about his day.

 77. Favorite soda? coca cola. followed by cream soda.

 78. Do you like yourself? I think I am pretty awesome. There are things i could improve, learn from and evolve. But overall my life is fantastic, my friends are fabulous and my adventures are fun. All reflections of who I am as a person.

 79. The worst weather: Hot or cold? Cold. Bring on the heat!

 80. Do you play an instrument? I can play a song on piano, I know how to play the recorder and a bit of the ukulele from jr. high music classes, and I rock at air guitar!

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