Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Letters

Dear Rainman, My favorite thing ever is how silly you and I can be ..from our conversations in the car, to playing jokes on each other in the house, to a "serious" game of Mouse Trap. I hope we never lose that aspect of us. I love you. xoxo, Lala

 Dear Mosquitoes, Seriously, 5 of you attack my legs at one time? How is that even fair? It's Guerrila warfare! Why must you adore my sweet blood? There is nothing romantic about your vampire-esque tendacies and revenge is best served in the form of Off! Hope you enjoyed your weekend buffet you little jerks, the kitchen is now closed. GFY, LB 

Dear Girl who's Tumblr I have been reading all afternoon, Although you write about how you feel dorky, lame and super insecure, I think you sound like a really super wicked person who is passionate about music, art and books. Love yourself and don't worry about those people who don't get you. You're 20, in 10 years you will realize that you're awesome and wasted way too much time worried about what every one else was thinking Deep respect, LB

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unabashedlyashley said...

Ahaha - Dear Mosquitoes - GFY

best ever