Friday, July 20, 2012

Fuck you Cancer!

In May, I was a part of a group that organized and hosted an event to raise money for Wellspring Calgary. We held a sold out Sunday brunch complete with an amazing silent auction, artwork, guest speakers and a raffle. We were also very blessed to have three very talented sisters play music for us (2 violinists and a harpist) while our guests mixed and mingled.

Today I was saddened to hear that those little girls lost their mother to cancer. Their mother was so brave to fight this battle against such an unbiased disease and I am even more fueled to do whatever I can in my power to help discover a cure in my lifetime (while aiding those already fighting).

My thoughts and prayers go out to this family this evening.


Northern Living Allowance said...

So very sorry to hear this. Cancer took my dad, too, 31 years ago. Cancer is a bitch.

Virtual hugs to those girls {{{hug}}}.

Laura said...

Thanks lady. Sending you a hug too, cause it doesn't matter how long ago it was, it's still a piece of your heart missing. *hug*

unabashedlyashley said...

It seems cancer plagues all of us. My heart aches for those little girls :(