Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sunday Stealing: The Too Tired to Think Meme, Part 1


1. You have 10 dollars and need to buy snacks at a gas station. What do you get? Coca cola, a bag of 5 cent candies, salt and vinegar chips.

2. If you were reincarnated as a sea creature, what would you want to be? a mermaid

3. Who’s your favorite redhead? my mommy

4. What do you order when you’re at IHOP? I have never been, but I would guess pancakes?

5. Last book you read? Lamb by Christopher More

6. Describe your mood. Pretty fantastic. Had a great day at work, received a  positive job review for the first half of 2012, sold some items from kijiji, eating a delectable dinner of perogies and yam chips that I seasoned with curry powder, cumin, five spice and some coriander.

7. Describe the last time you were injured. I guess when I wore that cast on my wrist. Aside from running pains in my calves every so often.

8. Of all your friends, who would you want to be stuck in a well with? Rainman

9. Rock concert or symphony? Both, together. I love fusions.

10. What is the wallpaper of your cell phone? The number? (We'll just say "hi" - promise.) A positive mantra:it states live with intention, walk to the edge, listen hard, practice wellness, play with abandon, laugh, choose with no regret, continue to learn, appreciate your friends, do what you love, live as if this is all there is.

11. Favorite soda? coca cola

12. What type of shirt are you wearing? I'm not. I'm wearing a dress

13. If you could only use one form of transportation? Hot air balloon. How cool would that be?

14. Most recent movie you have watched in theater? The Avengers

15. Name an actor/actress/singer you have had the hots for. Josh Hartnett

16. What’s your favorite kind of cake? Cheese cake

17. What did you have for dinner last night? I had rice with cranberry sauce seasoned with curry powder. I have a thing for curry powder this week.

18. Look to your left, what do you see? My chart to show me how many car payments I have made and how many I have left. Yes, I am nerdy.

19. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No

20. Favorite toy as a child? My barbies

21. Do you buy your own groceries? Yes. But I also eat over at Rainman's a lot. 

22. Do you think people talk about you behind your back? Of course. It's human nature and I am not perfect nor am I everybody's favorite. The thing is, I don't really care what people say. I live a pretty awesome life.

23. When was the last time you had gummy worms? Forever ago.

24. What’s your favorite fruit? Watermelon, strawberries and mangos.

25. Do you have a picture of yourself doing a cartwheel? I sure do...on a beach in Newfoundland.

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unabashedlyashley said...

Yes, a hot air balloon would be rad. For you.. not me. Eek heights are scary!
I love your answers. Might have to do this one myself.