Monday, July 2, 2012

Quarter 3 Goals

I feel I was fairly successful in meeting my quarter 2 goals and ready to break down the next three months to continue creating a wicked life!

  • Run the Harvest Half Marathon in September. Follow training schedule for July, August and September to ensure that I am prepared for this at my best capability
  • choose fruits and vegetables for snacks over junk food. Implement this as a rule with Rainman
  • cut down on amount of alcohol consumed on weekends (work on social drinking opposed to party drinking)

  • sell furniture and other household goods that I don't need and put that money towards debt (goal is $500)
  • Aim for at least 30 no-spend days. This includes entertainment, food, drinks, paying bills, anything that would involve money leaving my pocket.
  • look at options with Rainmen to reduce bills in our new place. Negotiate with the services we require to find best deal.

  • Read 3 business orientated books - anything that will help me be where I want to be in the next 5 years, a focus on marketing, social media, communications
  • attend 2 networking events to introduce me to people in the field I am looking to break into  Attended the introduction session to joining Womentum where I discussed with the CEO of Womentum brain storming ideas to engage the members of the women's network I sit on the committee of.   I also attended a  Blogger Meetup that had a presentation Vlogging. I met a wedding videographer (not quite the field I am looking into, but could come in handy!).
  • attend the Toastmasters introduction. Inquire into process for signing up as well as the commitments to completing the course.

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